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AIRLIVE BC-5010 with IVS and 4mm Lens (BC-5010-IVS-4MM)

AIRLIVE BC-5010 with IVS and 4mm Lens (BC-5010-IVS-4MM)

SKU: BC-5010-IVS-4MM
  • Type Kamera

AirLive BC-5010-IVS is the new generation of 5 MegaPixel box type IP Camera with video analytics from AirLive, it improves the frame rate up to 15 FPS at 5 MegaPixel resolution and it also provides SD slot and USB port for local storage. Moreover, with optional wireless dongle, AirLive BC-5010-IVS can support wireless connection.

5 MegaPixel Video Resolution with Higher Frame Rate and Lower Lux Illumination
AirLive BC-5010-IVS can offer you smoother video. At 5 MegaPixel resolution, new processor can process 15 frames per second. In addition, it can also operate at 3 Mega-Pixel at 25 frames per second or 1080P at 30 frames per second. The enhanced sensor can work in light condition as low as 0.2 lux. Therefore, AirLive BC-5010-IVS can offer better quality video in low light environment.

Clear Motion Technology
AirLive BC-5010-IVS provides bright and colorful image due to its high quality low lux sensor. However, the most beautiful image will be useless if it is not able to catch the details of moving objects. AirLive has developed the Clear Motion Technology to minimize the motion blur caused by moving objects. So you can have the details where you need it.

New SecurSense User's Interface
The BC-5010-IVS features the new SecurSense interface from AirLive. Not only it is very easy to use and work correctly for different browser environments, it also has the most completed set of functions. Functions, such as "Push-to-Talk" and "Audio File Playback", allow your IPCAM to say a pre-recorded phrase or audio songs when alarms are triggered.

Changeable Lens and Auto-Iris Support
AirLive BC-5010-IVS can support both C mount and CS mount lens without needs for adapters. In addition, the support for Auto-Iris lens allows automatic aperture adjustment to improve image quality to avoid over exposure.

WDR Support
When strong back light is surrounding a subject, camera with wide dynamic range technology can adjust the intense backlight and dark area to balance the whole screen. Therefore, user can recognize the details in the bright and dark area.

Tampering Detection
The tampering detection function will provide alarm when AirLive BC-5010-IVS is under attack. For example, if the intruder tries to move it to the other side, AirLive BC-5010-IVS will recognize the attack and send out the alarm or trigger the digital output devices.

Intelligent Video Analytics
AirLive BC-5010-IVS provides multiple intelligent video analytics that helps you to save your human resources and reaches the goal of automatic surveillance 2 MegaPixel resolution when IVS function is enabled.

Face Detection
Face detection is a precise feature which needs highly accurate rate of recognition on human faces only. The software is able to count many faces in the image and also highlights those faces simultaneously so the administrator will be easier to look in detail on each face at a specific environment.

Face Recognition
The key feature of Face Recognition is to recognize faces for access control or any suspicious persons in camera which is matched to the database. You can save up to 10 face images to AirLive BC-5010-IVS for recognition, so when the camera catches the face which is matched the database, the camera will trigger the related output devices for necessary reaction.

iMotion Detection
Intelligent Motion Detection is able to increase accuracy of detection and also provides more flexible settings with polygon for the detection area

The e-Fence is an electronic fence protection system which is able to detect and send output alert if any object is crossing the boundaries you set in the camera. e-Fence can be used in many applications, such as a standalone protection area, or other protection systems, like airports, power plants, radio towers or even military camps.

- 5 MegaPixel High Resolution Sensor
- 15 FPS at 5MP, 25 FPS at 3MP, 30FPS at 1080P
- WDR Support
- Clear Motion Technology
- DC Iris Support and IR-CUT Removable (ICR)
- SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot for Local Storage
- Compatible with ONVIF Standard
- 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet Port
- Support both C and CS Mount Lens
- Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics Including Face Detection, iMotion Detection, Trip Zone, Object Counting, Face Recognition, e-Fence

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